Cleaning an XL-9 O-ring

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    The XL-9 "O"-ring, as well as the interior of the XL-2 main casting, should be cleansed of debris each time the XL Diatom filter is recharged.
  • Remove the XL-4 filter bag and the XL-5 turbulence tube from the casting, slide off the XL-9-1 retainer ring. Then remove the XL-9 O-ring.
  • Wash each of these parts and set them aside. Wash the main casting with a small brush and water spray to remove any Diatom Filter powder or other debris from inside the cavity.
  • Allow the parts to dry, apply a thin coat of Vaseline to the O-ring and roll it back into place. Install the retaining ring and assemble the filter per assembly instructions.
  • NOTE: Impeller has LEFT HAND threads.


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