Troubleshooting Guide



Possible Correction

1. Motor runs but does not pump water.

  • Check for air trapped in pump housing - Check for broken impeller or bag insert not in properly.

2. Filter powders continue to come through into the aquarium.

  • Bag insert not properly in place - check filter bag

3. Filter powder does not coat evenly and water flow is not good.

  • Bag is plugged where powders do not coat - remove and clean or replace.

4. Intake hose collapses.

  • Check for plugged or restricted slot in intake strainer.

5. Algae growing in filter jar and on bag.

  • Place filter in dark area or cover with something to eliminate light

6. Motor noisy and air coming out exhaust hose - flow good.

  • Check impeller for gravel or other cause.
  • Check intake hose and fitting for air leaks.

7. Water leak at exhaust "U"-tube.

  • Check hose clamps and "U"-tube for casting lines.

8. Water hazy or smokey - filter flow is good but aquarium will not clear. All things check O.K. Fish act fine.

  • Probably a bacteria or amoeba form of life - usually after new water is put into the aquarium - and is too small for the filter to take out. Condition will correct itself in a few days.

9. Air collects in pump housing and breaks pump prime.

  • Exhaust hose does not lead off in an upward angle to eliminate air from system - keep intake downspout away from air stones and bubblers
  • Disconnect from power momentarily and allow the air to escape.

10. Water leaks from around jar top area.

  • "O"-ring has filter powder or part of the filter bag under it - remove, clean and lubricate with silicone grease or vasoline before reinstalling. Be sure filter bag clears jar mouth and seal.

11. Water leaking between motor and main casting.

  • P-16 seal worn out or has been forced off center - replace or relocate. Lubricate with
    P-31 grease before reassemlbing.

12. No Oil Ports

  • Hold motor upside down and put a few drops of P-30 oil on the motor shaft and let it run down in the motor, there is an oil retainer ring that holds a couple of drops for the bearing.

13. No mushroom on top of bag.

  • The XL filter has the mushroom inside the pump housing. Your bag will have a straight port on top that inserts into housing.


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