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DIATOM Model "D-1" Filter
Filters over 250 gallons per hour - MICRON CLEAR

D1 Filter


   Actually clears a 10 gal. tank in 12 minutes
   E-Z - Quick
   No foul odors
   Cleans gravel
   No messy cleaning
   Quiet operation
   Automatic aeration

The "D-1" is a high-speed filter designed to filter aquarium water to an extremely pure state. It is so designed as to operate as a full time filter. However it may be used in cooperation with other filters such as "undergravel filters" and in conjunction with other "outside" filters. It is wholly compatible with all known filters and may be used to aid these filters in keeping a healthy, well-balanced aquarium. Used properly, your Diatom filter will eliminate the need to "tear down" or disassemble your aquarium in order to clean it.

D1 Box

Prices do not include Shipping & Handling


D-1 A Diatom Filter USA  $122.40

D-1 C Diatom Filter Canada $127.28

D-1 E Diatom Filter 220 Volt. $154.77

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