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Option #2

(A) After you have assembled your Diatom® Filter you may charge it in the following manner. With both the intake and exhaust hose in the aquarium and having the Diatom® Filter at least half full of water turn the Diatom® Filter upside down, start the motor for a few seconds or until the can see that the intake hose has filled with water. Return the Diatom® Filter to the upright position and turn the motor off. This will force the unit to start a siphon. Hoses must run upward toward aquarium.
Figure 15(B) Submerge a plastic container such as the one in Fig. 15, into the aquarium and put the intake and exhaust tubes into the container.

Figure 16(C) Lift the container with the two tubes inside high enough to allow you to hook the container's handle over the lip of the aquarium. (Fig. 16) Care should be taken not to allow the intake tube to suck air during this operation.
(D) As youFigure 17 can see at this point you are running the filter only on the water in the small container. You may add the Diatom powder directly into the container while the filter continues to run. (Fig. 17) A minimum charge for the D-1 Diatom® Filter is about one cup (three ounces) and for the XL Diatom® Filter use about three cups (nine ounces).
(E) When all of the Diatom powder has been absorbed into the Diatom® Filter and the water in the small container is running clear you may unhook the handle from the aquarium and carefully lower the container out from under the pickup tubes.
(F) This method has proven to be the most popular with store owners and others who would rather back flush the filter clean rather than to take the unit apart.


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