How to Charge Your Diatom Filter

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     Cut off the top of the Diatom Filter Powder charge and fill with water to the water line indicated on side of bag. Mix conents and pour into filter jar. Now, fill Diatom Filter jar half full of water. (Fig. 6-a, Fig. 6-b)
Figure 6a - 6b

     There are two different methods of charging the Diatom® Filter. Once a Diatom® Filter has been assembled the method desribed later in "Option #2 Alternate Method of Recharging" seems to be the most preferred by store owners and others who would rather backflush the unit clean.

     Securing the casting assembly to the jar: be sure that none of the filter bag is caught between the rubber seal and the jar.

    The Model D-1 has a flat gasket seal. Align the pump assembly with the gasket on the jar lip and tightn the jar ring. (Fig. 7)

    The Model XL has an "O"-ring seal. Push the casting completely down to where the thumbscrews go in at a point below the bottom ridge on the outside of the jar top. (Fig. 8-a, 8-b)
Figure 7 - 8


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