How To Attach The Gravel Washer

Contents - Filter Maintenance

  • Your gravel washer attachment comes with a hose equipped with an O-ring seal and a rock guard attachment. All you need to provide is a water or soda bottle with the end cut off.
  • Please make sure the filter is turned off.
  • Your gravel washer attachment is equipped with an O-ring seal then dipped in a black rubber sealing compound to lock the O-ring in place. Talcum powder or "baby powder" should be used to aid in sliding the hose connection on th U-tube. If the O-ring is removed or tubes have been shortened the O-ring will need to be reinstalled before you can use the gravel washer to prevent leaks on the U-tube side.
  • The gravel washer attachment is sealed to the hose.
  • Screw prepared water bottle onto the gravel washer attachment.
  • Completely submerge the gravel washer under water to expel all trapped air.
  • Attach the end of the gravel washer hose with the intake side of your Diatom Filter U-tube.
  • Turn on the filter and begin vacuming.
  • Note: Some soft drink bottles will float. Be sure not to allow the bottle to float to the surface and suck air, breaking your filters siphon.
  • Note: You can leave the gravel washer attached at all times and the filter will still work properly.


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